Adopted Babies
Hi Ladell
Annie is doing very well and is very happy.  She is
such an adorable little girl!  We absolutely love
her.  She is so good natured and sweet but
certainly very lively and playful too - perfect
mix.  Annie loves the backyard, going for walks and
riding in the car (along with watching tv and getting
into my crochet!).  She is a great addition to our

Thanks for raising such wonderful dogs!  She is
certainly a pleasure to have in our home.

I would not mind at all if you post anything I
have sent you on your website. You have
been more than helpful in every way.  We felt
very comfortable after speaking with you
that Molly was the right new addition to our
family. Now that we have her she is a
beautiful dog and she is the one for us.
Thank you so much for putting up with all of
my question and request. Sincerely, Tim and
Jennifer Ernspiker
It has taken me awhile to e-mail about Hannah, which our daughter renamed Daisy. When we picked her up
from the airport, she was very friendly and playful. We had her checked out and Daisy was very healthy, no
problems. She has been such an energetic and friendly puppy and has not had many accidents in our home.
She loves to play and loves to be cuddled when she is tired. We would recommend your puppies to our
family and friends if they are interested in getting one. Thank you so much, Daisy was well taken care of
before coming home and joining our family! Keep up the great work!
Meghan Caravano
Hi Ladell,

Levi has arrived safely and we are in LOVE!!!! He is doing awesome!
I have attached a few pictures of him with the boys.
Thanks again,

We picked up Alli at the airport this afternoon. I’m sorry I didn’t email you earlier but we have been
so busy enjoying the day with the newest member of our family! She is everything we could have asked
for in a puppy and more! She will be extremely loved in her new home… Thank you so much, we will be
sure to send you pictures!

Trevor Mullane
Hi Guys!

We just wanted to send you a quick email and
let you know how well Cooper is doing here
in Pennsylvania! Within and hour of getting
here he was walking around like he owned
the place and had been with us forever.
Aside from being the cutest puppy around he
is awesome with anyone who comes in our
house or he encounters while out in the yard
or on walks. Other than his unsatisfiable
urge to chew our legs and hands rather than
his many chew toys, he is doing great and we
can't imagine not having him! Thanks for
taking such great care of him- it is obvious to
us how well cared for he was by how easy it
has been for him to adjust to a new home. I
attached a few pictures so you could see
how big he is getting!

Thanks again,
Colleen & Chris Malarick
Hi Jamey & Ladell!!!! Today my little girl turns 1! :) I can't believe how fast time flies by. Everywhere we go we
get so many compliments on how adorable Bailey is. We even had several offers to mate her with other
Puggles. We did however decline those offers. We had her spayed in February and she now weighs 20
pounds! :) A big difference from the little tiny 4 pound puppy who flew here back in June. She sleeps in bed
with us every night and is the most loving and energetic dog ever. I love her so much....she makes my life

Here are some pictures of her 1st year! :)     We'll be having frosty paws ice cream & special homemade dog
friendly cookies & cake to celebrate her birthday this evening :)

Enjoy the rest of your day! ~ Heather Rode, Bailey's Mommy
I came across an email from you from 2009
when I was inquiring about your puggle
puppy Emma. We bought Emma from Ladell
in June of 2009. We met in Springfield one
evening and took her home.  She has become
such a sweetheart and an important part of
our family .  We just love her and she loves
us. She is really healthy and beautiful. Our
vet loves her.  I think I was supposed to let
you know how things were going with her a
long time ago. Sorry. I have a million other
photos I could send you but I chose some of
my favorites.


Barb Jewell
Dear Jamey,
I just wanted to share a
picture of Bosco on his 1
year birthday yesterday.
The girls absolutely love him.
Have a great day!
Hey Ladell,

We"ve attached some pictures of Bella
(Alli). Koren named her Bella because
Bella means “beautiful” in Italian… and
when you see Bella’s face her name
speaks for itself!

She has been a bundle of joy since the
moment we picked her up at the airport.
We both love her so much and she gives
all the lovin right back to us! She is
incredibly friendly with every person she
meets (and shes so darn cute that she
meets everyone! It’s hard to take her
anywhere without getting stopped by
everyone who sees her!). She also loves
other dogs… she has made best friends
with a year and ½ old puggle named
Raffee, who lives in our neighborhood.  

In the past 2 months she has learned to
sit, high five, lay down, roll over, and play
dead! It amazes me how smart she is.

Overall she has been amazing, and words
cant describe what we would do without
her. Thanks so much for everything…
Enjoy the pictures!
We love our beabull puppy Lizzie!! she is the most
adorable puppy we could have ever wished for! we
had only have her for 4 weeks and she already
learned how to sit, lay down, dead dog, hi 5 when
she's doing dead dog, shake her paw when sitting,
stay for a little bit, knows to potty outside, knows
not to bite the furniture or sheets, and walks on a
leash next to you! And lets not forget she hates
being ignored! She will let you know by coming to you
and getting your attention anyway she can! She's
obedient, yet playful and adorable at the same time!
what else can you ask for! The Stuart Family are
very nice, we can tell they've raised our Lizzie
well. They were very prompt to answer all my
hundred questions I had by phone an email, because
this is my first time being a puppy owner. They also
have kept in touch asking for Lizzie's health and
well being and that means a lot to me! I would
definitively recommend you to adopt puppies from
Hope you get these, never sent pics email before ! It's
all facebook anymore. Gabby is now 7 months old.
Sorry I didn't get some to you sooner. We loooooooove
this little girl! She still goes to work with me everyday.
Sometimes she will spend the day at my girl's house
playing with their dogs. We finally got her pen and
doggie door in a couple months ago. She loves it. She
was very easy to potty train also. I tied a bell to the
front door and within a couple of days she knew to
ring it and we would take her out !  She is a big baby
though. Any noise she hears or sees something
outside she comes running to mom or dad ! She
cracks us up. It took her a couple of months to
become a REAL daddy's girl. I was a little worried at
first, but it was just because she was with me all day
every day. Now it's dad 80% and mom 20% ! Kerry put
her in bed with us the first night and that is where she
has slept every since !! She loves to snuggle and give
kisses (:  These pics were just taken yesterday. Thank
you so much for bringing her into our lives. We love
her dearly! She goes everywhere we go! I will send
some outdoor shots later, Camie
Hello there, this is Penelope, I adopted Lizzie 11 months ago. These
past 11 months have been a blessing for me! I love Lizzie very much,
she keeps me company all the time and I'm so happy to have her with
me, as well as my boyfriend. I don't feel lonely anymore when I'm
all by my self, she has filled the void in my heart I had.

I thought you might enjoy seeing an updated picture of her. She loves
to play and then destroy her toys! She knows she can tear her toys
apart and not the furniture or things inside the house. She's very
smart, she will do anything for a treat! We hope her parents are well
and healthy. Send our greetings to them and all the Stuart family!

Have a wonderful day!
Beabull Lizzie---Sonoma County, Northern California!
Lizzie-11 mo. old
Hey Ladell!
We just wanted to thank you for Gemma.  She
is just wonderful, it is obvious by her
temperament that she came from a loving, social
and playful environment.  Words can't explain
the joy she has brought to our lives, she had us
wrapped around her paw the minute we picked
her up.  Thanks for being so easy to get ahold
of and so informative through out all of this.  
You took all the stress out of buying a puppy.  
Thanks again
Jason, Tiina and Gemma
American Bulldog Gemma---Aurora, Canada!
Hi Ladell,

Just wanted to give you a little update on
Life is all things Tessie right now!  We can’t get
enough of her and are grateful each day for her
We couldn’t have chosen a better breed! She is
very active and energetic when it’s time to play
or walk but also very cuddly and lazy when it’s
time to quiet down and sleep.  She has the
perfect balance. People stop us everywhere we
go to pet her and ask us questions about her
breed.  She’s very rare where we live so she’s
become somewhat of an attraction! Lol
She is completely potty trained and is now very
compliant with the crate as we’ve chosen to
crate train her. It is very rewarding to watch
her progress.
I work in a long term care facility and she is
absolutely wonderful with the elderly when she
comes to see me at work. She’s also
unbelievable with children.  She knows when to
be gentle and when to be playful.
She socializes with other dogs at the local dog
park as well as with our friends and family’s
pets.  She’s very sociable and playful.
Thank you so much for Tessie, you have no idea
how happy she has made Matt and I. I would
recommend this breed to anyone who is
considering adopting.  She is pure joy!
Ladell has been extremely helpful and very
knowledgable.  She answered all of our questions
regarding Beabulls.  She was very real and
accommodating and she made the adoption
process an enjoyable experience.  Thank you
Ladell, we appreciate everything you’ve done for
us and Tessie.
Renelle and Matt
For starters, I am so happy with how the
service was to get our pup. It went exactly as
you told us in the timely manner as promised.
I also want to thank you for bringing up such a
great puppy. Her health, personality,
potty/eating habits are just unbelievable. Of
course she has her mishaps, but what dog

But lastly I want to thank you for the
opportunity to home this perfect angel dog. As
I said before we got Lucy, we had to put our
15 year old Doxie to sleep. Our whole family
was devastated. We were sure we would never
be able to find a dog like her again. Well we
lucked out again!!!! We are all so in love with
this dog. She has the most playful, cheerful,
loving, daring, friendly personality of any dog
I've ever met. The amount of stops, rubs,
comments we get over this dog is just
incredible she is absolutely loved by all. Not to
mention her looks. She is just a gorgeous pup!!
We love her dearly!! Can't thank you enough!!!!!

Thank you so so so much for letting us adopt
her. We will forever be coming back and
spreading the word of your skills as a breeder.

Sincerely and forever grateful,

Stefanie and Lucy Ryan
Lucy Boots---St. Charles, MO!
Hello, I wanted to write to you and wish you
and yours a Merry Christmas and a happy New
Year. I know it has been some time but I
wanted to write and give you an update on
Watson. He is 85 lbs and soooooo beautiful and
wonderful. He has the most wonderful
temperament and personality!
I don't know if you remember my story but I
had a blind and deaf pug when I got Watson
from you and I was concerned about how my
pug Henry would adjust to a puppy. Well, I
believe that it was perfect timing, 5 days
after we picked up Watson from the airport
Henry woke up and was having trouble
breathing. I rushed him to the vet to find out
that I had to put him down. It was the
saddest day for me because Henry was so
special to me. I soon discovered that Watson
came to me for a reason. I believe that he
came early met Henry and Henry knew that I
was in good hands and knew that he could go.
Once he did, with Watson in the house my
grieving was short, he was such a loving good
puppy. Not to say I didnt miss henry and didn't
have my really terrible days, Watson was here
to help me.
Today, Watson is so special to me. I have a
wonderful connection with him and I know that
he was supposed to be mine! I wanted to send
you a few pictures of him so that you could see
how beautiful he grew to be! I also take him to
day care from time to time for socialization
and even the day care staff have fallen totally
in love with him. I am considering pursuing
therapy training with him when he gets a little
older because he is such a gentle giant. I since
have gotten another dog....another pug, and
they are best of friends and he is very gentle
and patient with him!
Take a him now and thank you again!

Melanie Foster
American Bulldog Watson---Lancaster, NY
American Bulldog Treeo---Plain City, Ohio

Hello jamey
Treeo formally known as Dallas is doing
great!!! He is loving the snow here and
loves to play in it. He loves going for rides
and bringing us sticks from the yard. He
weighs about 100 pounds and still has
plenty of room to grow. He turned out to
be a great lovable best friend to us.
Thanks Heather and Chris
Rocky. Our family absolutely LOVES him! I
wanted to give you an update on our, Rocky
is the best addition to our family that we
could have ever imagined. He is wonderful
with all 4 of our kids. Rocky takes turns
sleeping with each of them as well as my
husband and I. It is the sweetest thing!
Thank you for breeding such a loving and
intelligent dog! He was easy to train and he
still enjoys learning new things. I will
continue to give you occasional updates on
his progress. If we ever do decide to get a
"puppy companion" for Rocky someday we
definitely know where he or she will come
from. Thank you!
Laura Moffitt
Spring, TX
Puggle, Rocky---Spring, TX
Gemma at 1 year old
Hey Ladell,
Gemma is doing
great.  She is such
a wonderful girl.  
Everyday is a treat.
Here is a pic of
her.  She just
turned a year and
is almost 90 lbs.
Hi Ladell,
Just wanted to request you to add this
story along with my previous e-mails about
Dawson. He came into our lives merely 6
months after we got married- he is our
little honeymoon baby! He has been nothing
but a blessing- we have learnt so much
about each other thanks to him. Our whole
life revolves around him and there is no
other way we would have it! I find it hard
to remember my life before him- he
continues to make my world a better place.
Thank you for my best friend Ladell!


Hi Ladell,
Thank you so much for wanting to
help us out with the pictures.
Dawson has truly given us a new
meaning to life, and we love him so
dearly. He has such a wonderful
personality, and always gives us a
reason to smile! Sending you some
pictures that we have taken across
the past year or so.
Beagle, Valentino---Chantilly, VA

Hi Ladell
Valentino is growing very well.
When we picked up Him from the
airport, was very special day
I remember perfectly that, he
wanted out of the crate
immediately.... And I did It!!!
Thanks for send via airplane what
is now our happiness.
Valentino is very spoiled has many
collars, harnesses, toys and
I do not anything just talk about
Him.. Is my Baby is My Boy.
I count the hours to come home
and play with Valentino
My day start at 7am and Valentino
is ready to eat and play, he loves
to play in the yard and love bacon
and cheese flavor and chewing
He had a second Veterinarian visit
and everything is good, very
healtly and growing very well.
I really enjoying this summer with
my new Buddy.
Thanks for All, and continuing care
Pets and make more Happy People
Days. Very Good Job
We have been so pleased with our
4 year old beagle from Ozark
Puppy Love that we just adopted a
second beagle puppy.  They are
beautiful, healthy, and
well-mannered dogs that quickly
adapt to our home.  You can see
from the picture Sophie already
knows how to get comfortable.  
Ladell makes the adoption process
easy.  She is very kind, caring,
and organized.  I highly recommend
adopting from Ozark Puppy Love.

Max Morton
Casper, Wyoming
Beagle, Casper, Wyoming
She is doing great!  She is  VERY smart! She
shakes,lays down, sits and plays dead. She
does very well on a leash when she walks.
Learning to walk by my side not in front. A
little stubborn when calling her to come. A
little shake of her puppy snacks and she
comes a running. We call her at same time.  
She goes through a terror mode about 8 or 9
every night then crashes hard. Taking her to
vet for some shots soon.  We are very happy
with her!  I will send pictures soon so you
can see how she has grown. I will take some
with the family so you can kind of meet her
new family.

Here are the photos as promised.  We love
this puppy.  I have attached pictures of Bell a
shaking, laying down and playing dead along
with a picture of my son and I with Bell a.  
She is such a smart puppy at only 12-1/2
weeks old!  We made such a great decision
to get her.  Thank you so much!  As she
grows, we will send more photos.  Don't
hesitate to contact me if she gets to a
certain age you would like photos.  Thanks
The Garrod Family
Beabull Lucy; Kentucky

Hi Ladell,

I just wanted to let you know how awesome
Lucy is.  She is absolutely spoiled rotten lol. I
have been meaning to send a pic. She is so
sweet and loving. She is awesome with my boys
and is completely potty trained for
awhile now.  She is super smart and has
learned every thing we teach her.  She makes
our family complete ��. I just wanted to let
you know how much she is loved and cared for
and how much I appreciate you for making it